2017/18 Athletics now open for registration

The Hibiscus Coast Athletics Club is now taking members for the 2017/18 Athletics season. We are looking forward to seeing many familiar face and plenty of new ones for this season. The club offers a comprehensive Athletics Program suitable for ages.

Fees for this season are as follows


2017/18 Fees Under 7 7 - 17
Athletics  $65 $100
Enhanced Coaching Program  N/A $75


Age is based, their age on 31st December 2017 for the whole season 


Athletics Season 

7 to 17-year old’s Wednesday 4th October 2017 - Wednesday March 28th 2018 - 6pm until 7:30pm (22 week Program)

3 to 6 year old’s Wednesday 18th October 2017 - Wednesday March 28th 2018 - 5:30pm until 6:30pm) (20 week Program)


Xmas break 21st December 2017 until 24th January 2018


Enhanced Coaching program – Limited places available

Thursday 12th March 2017- Thursday 22nd March 2018 (20-week program)

Hibiscus Coast Open Day

Hibiscus Coast Open Day is on Sunday 17th September between 10am and 12pm

The Open day is for Parents and Kids to come along and find out more about the club and the Athletics Program that we currently operate. You will also be able to Register your kids and put down your name on the roster to help over the coming season.

While you are doing the paper work your young athletes will get the chance to have a go at a few activities and compete again the More FM team who will be hold there Olympic Games and need a few competitors to take part in these events 

Details for the Club Season, which runs from October 2017 to March 2018

Age Groups

Age group is based on their age on 31st December 2017

*If they are 7 on the 15th December 2017 they will be in the 7 year old group for the whole season. If they are 7 on 7th January 2018 they will stay in the 6 year old group for the whole season

Date of Season

3 to 6 year olds will run from Wednesday 18th October 2017 until Wednesday 28th March 2018

7 to 17 year olds will run from Wednesday 4th October 2017 until Wednesday 28th March 2018

*There will be a break over Christmas Between December and January Dates to be confirmed


  Under 7 7 to 14 15-17 Adult
Athletics Only $65 $100 $100 N/A

*For families registering 3 or more athletes, the club will give you 20% off

*Volunteer as a Age Group Marshall for the Season and get $25 off 1 registration



It is important for all new members to be aware that the program is a parent run program with no paid positions within the club. This means that we need all parents lending a hand every week to assist with on and off-field duties. Assistance is required in many areas including marshalling, measuring, recording and general supervision of the athletes at events, canteen and BBQ duties and other miscellaneous tasks

To meet this requirement, we have put in place a roster and request you add your family name done for at least 3 club nights throughout the season. Plus, if you put your name down as a Age Group Marshall for the season you will get $25 off 1 registration 

So what can I do to help

Simply add your name to roster in the Portacom when registering on the first club night. attend an event with your athlete and let someone know you are keen to help. Other parents and/or committee members are only too willing to show others how the task is done.